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It is free to join our affiliate program. You can join for free here. We pay 30% recurring commissions once per month directly to your Paypal account.

Once you join our program you will get an affiliate link which looks like this:

Share this link with your contacts and put our banners and links on your website and if anybody orders by clicking your link you will receive 30% recurring commissions for as long as the customer stays subscribed to our service.

For example is somebody orders the $99.97 monthly program we will pay you $29.91 commissions per month.

200 Customers Paying $99.97 Per Month Would Net You $5982. Per Month*

Please note we do not guarantee you will make this much it is just an example. Your success will also depend on your marketing ability.

If you sell 100 such memberships you would receive$2991. 91per month. We are not guaranteeing that you will make this much. Your success relies quite a bit on your marketing skills as well.

We Offer Two Types of Traffic with 

We have our SEO traffic and we have our bulk run of network traffic. The SEO traffic is designed for people who actually own their own websites and are seeking to improve the natural rankings of their website in the search engines.

The 2nd type of traffic is our run of network bulk traffic. This is less expensive traffic and is geared more for affiliate marketers and those promoting lead pages. The traffic comes in faster but you get lots of views for a very reasonable cost.

SEO Traffic

  • For customers must have their own website
  • Not for affiliate marketers who do not own their own domain
  • Designed for customers who are looking to boost their rankings in Google.
  • Ideal customers are attorneys, medical practices, local businesses or any business with a real business and website. Especially those already spending money on advertising already.
  • The traffic stays on the website for at least 2 minutes, visits multiple pages, is keyword and geo targeted.
  • More expensive than bulk traffic

Bulk Run of Network Traffic

  • Good for affiliate marketers and those promoting lead pages and or affiliate links.
  • Customer does not have to have his own website or domain name. Affiliate links are fine.
  • Traffic is less expensive to get the maximum views for the least amount of money.
  • Traffic comes in fast and visitors do not necessarily stay on the page for over 30 seconds.
  • The focus of the customers should be more on leads rather than SEO.
  • Traffic can be geo targeted by country and keywords.

The SEO traffic is NOT for affiliate marketers promoting  lead pages or just affiliate links. The goal of the SEO traffic is to deliver slow, consistent, high quality, keyword optimized traffic to send signals to Google that their website is an authority website.

The ideal clients for this type of traffic are Lawyers, local businesses, medical professionals, local contactors and brick and mortar businesses that have established businesses.

The advantage of these type of customers is that they are already making money and have a long term strategy. They tend to stick with the program longer.

The 2nd type of traffic is our run of network bulk traffic. This is less expensive traffic and is geared more for affiliate marketers and those promoting lead pages. The traffic comes in faster but you get lots of view for a very reasonable cost.

One strategy for promoting the SEO traffic could be to pick a niche. For example you could decide to just contact personal injury attorneys. (They spend lots of money on advertising so our fees are not out of line for them.)

Simply contact the attorneys by email or social media and tell them simply that we provide website traffic geared specifically for personal injury attorneys. If they respond that they are interested then send them your affiliate link.

You could even make videos about how personal injury attorneys  can get more quality, reasonably priced traffic and post them on YouTube. You can get plenty of ideas for the videos from ChatGPT and from Google Gemini.

If you do not know how to make videos we can even make videos for you. See here.

You can use the above strategy for just about any niche.

If you want to promote the SEO traffic then this is what your affiliate link will look like:

If you want to promote the bulk run of network traffic then this would be your affiliate link:

In any case, if any prospect clicks either link a cookie is set. And if they order any our our packages from our website then you will get credit

      11 Reasons to Join Affiliate Program

  • Traffic Sales are Hot! Everybody is looking for traffic to their website. Get your piece of the action.
  • Provide a Valuable Resource to Your Followers.
  • Get Paid Recurring Commissions. We have customers who have been with us for years! Once sale can pay for many months!
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  • Full Support. We have sales letters, banners and promo material ready to go!
  • No Minimums. We pay you everything we owe you once per month! Even if it is just a few dollars.

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